Berbere Spice Blend 30g

Spicy Alchemy - Spicy, peppery, and mildly sweet, this Ethiopian Berbere packs some flavour. The backbone of Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking, berbere is a spice blend that encompasses the distinctive flavours of North Africa.

Rub into meats, chicken, fish or tofu before cooking. Add to lentils and grains, soups and stews. Enjoy the complex, exotic aromas and flavours.

List of ingredients
Dried chillies, salt, black pepper, coriander, cumin, cloves, allspice, ginger, cardamom, ajwain seeds, nutmeg.

Berbere is traditionally used on baked fish and other meats. In western cooking the dry mix adds a tantalising spiciness when rubbed onto red and white meats or tofu before grilling, roasting, barbecuing or pan-frying. Try adding in a tbsp or two to your lentil or grain dish to create an Ethiopian classic.
For something different, pound together 1.5 tbsp caster sugar, a handful of fresh mint and ¼ tsp berbere (or to taste) and toss through freshly chopped pineapple.

Berbere paste (see below) adds flavour to stews, soup and casseroles when used as a delicious curry-like base.
Berbere paste
Fry one chopped onion in 1 tbsp olive oil, add a tbsp mild paprika, 3 tbsp berbere spice blend and fry for 5 minutes. Remove and allow to cool before stirring in refrigerator.
Lasts 2 weeks.

Berbere Spice Blend 30g